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The luxury of a mini vacation each time you step outside in your garden. The sight and sound of a waterfall, the engaging antics of fish, the beauty of water flowers, provides an escape from the ordinary.

Custom design ponds, sales and service in the Ocala and surrounding areas.
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Backyard, garden and industrial ponds built to mimic the natural bodies of water found in nature.
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We stock ponds for enjoyment and fishing… Koi, Goldfish, Mosquito Fish (Gambusia) Nile Perch, Blue Gill (Sunfish) Crappies Bass.
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Adding oxygen to your pond enhances the water condition and environment for your fish, plants and keeps algae under control.
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Sight and Sound, as well as, adding oxygen aeration to your pond. Enhances water quality for fish and plants.
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In Florida we have many pond and lake weeds that fall into several categories. We are experts in treating your pond and keep it clean of any intrusive foliage and weeds.
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Waterfall rock varies, Florida Fieldstone, River rock, Ledge rock from different states. Waterfalls come in all shapes and sizes.
Pondless Waterfalls The sight and sound of water without the pond and fish, a delightful addition to your landscaping.
Streams & Rapids Streams lead your eye from one natural feature to the next, with unbelievable sound, bringing nature right into your landscape


We do the work so you can enjoy your pond. Give us a call for your FREE comprehensive consultation.
We do the work, so you can enjoy your pond.
drainage repair
Water Testing

Regular water testing to keep your pond healthy.

Monthly Maintenance

Pond Maintenance Service creates a healthy pond you can enjoy year after year

Pond Supplies

We provide only the best supplies we install and use ourselves!

Marine Salt

Aquarium & Pond
salt maintenance.

Bridges & Docks

Small garden bridges as well as Koi pond bridges and larger docks.

Drainage Repair

Locate and repair drain leaks which cause your pond to lose water.

A Few Words
About Us

If you combine the knowledge of over 30 years in the Pet Store business and 10 years in the pond and waterfall business and you have some idea of the wealth of knowledge Tom Bowles has. Tom has lived in Marion County his entire life and knows the Florida State Water Management requirements for Wetlands.
He has the ability to visualize your property for ponds and waterfalls, connecting streams and other water features.
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